Coronavirus Claims Charlotte Figi, Namesake Of Charlotte’s Web Cannabis Strain

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Charlotte Figi, the little girl who inspired millions of people around the world as she and her family launched a movement that led to sweeping changes in marijuana laws and was the inspiration for the strain Charlotte’s Web has died due to complications related to coronavirus. Speaking for her family, a friend announced Charlotte’s death […]

Marijuana And Its Effects On Mental Health

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Medical marijuana is often used for control of chronic pain, which can often be associated with aging. Marijuana may also be effective for easing nerve pain, and it is particularly beneficial because it helps manage pain without extreme sedation. Studies are examining the efficacy of cannabis at alleviating stress, anxiety, and depression as well. Using […]

Flower Power: Cannabis And The Culture Of The ’60s

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America will always remember the 1960s as a decade of unprecedented advancement, societal change, and tragedy. A man walked on the moon, and a wildly popular president was assassinated. Weed and LSD sparked the imagination of a counterculture revolution. And the waves made by these events still ripple through the culture of America today. Art […]

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