Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookies(10 Pieces)


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What are Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookies?

Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookie Bite gives you a classic chocolate chip flavor in a delicious bite size brownie. Who knew vegan cookies could taste so good? This product is for more experienced edibles consumers if consumed all at once. Otherwise, cut into fifths to modulate your dose. buy Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookies online

More About Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookies:

Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookies: Cookies are of a standardized strength, but effects will vary depending on body weight and if your stomach is empty. 1-2 cookies is one dose. Please choose between our simple sugar cookies or the new pecan shortbread. Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookies

Key Benefits: Vegan, Low Glycemic

Ingredients: Cannabis oil, organic flour (unbleached, unenriched), organic coconut sugar, semi-sweet chocolate chips, organic coconut oil, water, corn starch, kosher salt, baking soda, pure vanilla extract

This fresh and wonderful cookie/brownie creation has 51 mg of THC. Wonderful and soft cookie taste with a nice marijuana high added to it. Each cookie is also only 80 calories.

Benefits of Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookies:

Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookies are heavy boost, best to start the day with. Furthermore, it makes you happy, relaxed, euphoric, uplifted, and creative. Also, it helps you deal with stress, depression, chronic waist, back pain or general body pains, insomnia, and lack of appetite. However, don’t minimize this edible because in excess, it can cause dry mouth, dries eyes, and an anxious, dizzy or paranoid feeling.

Why you should buy Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookies from us:

420-greenhouse offers Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookies in it’s purest and best form for an unbeatable price. Furthermore, all our products are organic and 100% authentic. buy Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookies online