Cannabis Lollipops(30 Pieces)


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What are Cannabis Lollipops?

Green, red, yellow or orange colored cannabis lollipop with delicious weed flavor. Furthermore, for the preparation of the lollipops an extract derived from 100% legal hemp plants is used. buy Cannabis Lollipops online

More About Cannabis Lollipops:

The green colored cannabis lollipops weigh 17 grams each and are perfect to satisfy the munchies. They are also nice to hand out or as a gift for the sweet tooth who is also a lover of weed.

Extra Information;

Quantity:  1 Lolly
Weight:    17 grams
Flavor:   Cannabis flavored
Color:       Green, red, yellow or orange
THC:         Contains no THC

Benefits of Cannabis Lollipops:

Enjoy the delicious taste of the amazing cannabis plant where and when it suits. The delicious lollipop may well taste like weed, but there’s certainly no THC in it. So you can discreetly enjoy the beloved plant everywhere.

Why you should buy Cannabis Lollipops from us:

420-greenhouse offers Cannabis Lollipops Bites in it’s purest and best form for an unbeatable price. Furthermore, all our products are organic and 100% authentic. buy Cannabis Lollipops online