Lemon Trainwreck Crumble (8 Grams)


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What is Lemon Trainwreck Crumble:

Lemon Wreck (also known as Lemon Trainwreck) is a sativa-dominant cross between Lemon Diesel and Trainwreck. Furthermore, this strain features a taste similar to sour lemon candy, and produces both a strong body and head stone. While it may have stimulating and cerebral effects at first, this is truly a nighttime strain for some as it produces strong sleepy effects over time. Furthermore, Lemon Wreck is helpful to those suffering from insomnia or are in need of relaxation.

More about Lemon Trainwreck Crumble:

Lemon Trainwreck Crumble is made with high-quality Lemon Trainwreck cannabis strains using solvent-free extraction techniques to give you the clean, clean medical device you deserve. Furthermore, Trainwreck Lemon is mainly a Cannabis Sativa strain that has a well-balanced but intense body and a high head. This cannabis strain is used by many patients for its persistence in relieving insomnia, pain, and inflammation. Furthermore, Trainwreck Lemon Crumble can be consumed separately in your favorite buffer device or in joints and edible products.

Basics about Lemon Trainwreck Crumble:

Parents:            Trainwreck, Lemon Diesel

Similar to:         Tangerine, Lemon Pie, Enigma OG

Flavors:            Lemon, Citrus, Earthy

Effects:             Relaxed, Sleepy, Euphoric, Happy

Medical:           Insomnia, Depression, Pain, Anxiety

Potency:          65-75% THC

Why you should buy Lemon Trainwreck Crumble from us:

420-greenhouse offers Lemon Trainwreck Crumble that consistently test between 65-75% THC. Furthermore, it’s got great color and flavor. When you hit it you’ll know… it’s Loud! Furthermore, 420-greenhouse offers Lemon Trainwreck Crumble in it’s purest form and at affordable prices.